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We like customers who have high demands

A reliable, thorough pallet manufacturing company.

Gyllsjö Träindustri AB have been established as a family owned business for over 75 years, during this time we have gained an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service.

Delivery reliability, quality and a great deal of personal commitment has given us many long-standing customers. The company has expanded since its inception and we now have 85 employees and manufacture about 2 million pallets a year.

Delivery Reliability

With Gyllsjö Träindustri, you can rest assured that you will get your pallets when you need them. With our two saw lines, seven production lines and our own nail factory we have maximum flexibility in production and can quickly adapt to very large volumes. We supply our nearby area with our own truck.

Quality through Innovation

We invest heavily in quality and continuously developing new ways to further improve both our pallets and our services. We have many years of experience in this line of business, so you can rest assured that you are getting services that are second to none. – We were one of the first companies to be certified according to ISPM 15 for heat treatment of pallets. – We are one of the few manufacturers that can offer eco-labeled pallets (FSC® and PEFC). – We have our own recycling systems for used pallets.


How it all started

Gyllsjö Träindustri was founded in 1946 by the brothers Ivar and Tore Svensson. Later May Svensson joined the company.
In the beginning they produced fruit and vegetable boxes, among others to Helsingborg Fryshus (nowadays Bring).

The following year Helsingborg Fryshus aquired one of the first forklift in Sweden and Gyllsjö was asked if it also could deliver pallets. This proved to be a profitable business and soon had changed the production to only manufacture pallets.

In the late 40s, SJ (Swedish railway) realized the need for a standard pallet that could be used for transportation. They contacted Gyllsjö and together they developed the pallet which was called SJ pallet which we call Euro pallet today.

About Euro pallet

Compared with previous models of pallets, which often resembled the American pallets which arrived in Europe during the war, as was the Euro pallet a revolutionary product. It was both stronger, lighter and more durable and made quick success. Moreover, the Euro pallet was a four-way pallet which made it much more flexible and easier to manage.

Euro pallet as a standard

At a meeting at the beginning of the 50th century in Paris by the International Union of Railways (UIC) was adopted SJ pallet as a European standard and called later the Euro pallet. We are naturally proud to have been involved in developing a product manufactured in multimillion editions and we continue to work in the same spirit of innovation and new thinking as Ivar, Tore and Maj Svensson did for more than 75 years ago.


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