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About environment

The forest is our heart. Most of us at Gyllsjö live, work or spend much of our spare time in the woods

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve our business based on environmental considerations. We offer pallets made of timber derived from sustainable sources from FSC® and PEFC approved suppliers. Our licence numbers are FSC-C007396 and PEFC/05-32-190. We also offer a recycling system where we take care of your discarded pallets.

Just as we only buy our timber from sustainable forest we add great emphasis on health and safety issues.

We have recurring safety inspections and work for a better working environment.

Timber Regulation

As of March 3, 2013, a new log Regulation (EU) No 995/2010. The purpose of timber regulation is to deal with the global problem of illegal logging and prevent the flow of illegally harvested timber and timber products in the EU. Timber Regulation prohibits the trade of timber and timber products from illegal logging on the EU internal market. Our pallets are mainly made of Swedish wood. We are also certified by the FSC® and PEFC. This ensures that the timber we buy comes from responsible forestry to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. More information on the new timber regulation can be found on the Swedish Forest Agency’s website.The Swedish Forest Agency’s website.

Committed co workers is the key ingredient

The involvement of our co workers We also develop workplace Gyllsjö Träindustri based on sustainability factors. We actively and continuously work with environment questions. In this way, we want to continue to encourage the professional pride and the professional commitment that permeated Gyllsjö for over 75 years. The involvement of our co workers is a key ingredient for us to continue to deliver innovative and secure options to you in the future.


Wood as raw material

Wood is an excellent material for the manufacture of pallets and packaging, also from an environmental standpoint.

Wood is a renewable resource that is part of the natural cycle.


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